The Nazareth School industrial visit to the Kulshekar Milk Factory was organized for the 8th-grade students to supplement their learning about the dairy industry and its operations.

The visit commenced with a warm welcome by the factory staff, who provided an introduction to the facility's history, production process, and the importance of hygiene and quality control in milk processing.

Students were guided through various sections of the factory, including the milk reception area, pasteurization unit, packaging section, and storage facilities. They observed firsthand the machinery and equipment involved in milk processing and learned about the stringent quality checks implemented at each stage.

Engaging sessions were conducted to elucidate concepts such as milk testing, pasteurization, homogenization, and packaging techniques. Students actively participated in discussions and posed insightful questions to deepen their understanding of the dairy industry.

1. Enhanced understanding of the milk production process from reception to packaging.
2. Insight into the importance of hygiene, quality control, and safety measures in food processing industries.
3. Appreciation for the technological advancements and machinery utilized in modern dairy facilities.
4. Awareness of career opportunities in the dairy sector, fostering vocational interests among students.

The Nazareth School industrial visit to the Kulshekar Milk Factory provided a valuable experiential learning opportunity for the 8th-grade students, complementing their theoretical knowledge with practical insights into the functioning of a milk processing plant. It is hoped that the exposure gained during this visit will inspire students to explore further into the field of food processing and related industries.












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